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…captain don’t fire me

Yesterday as we went to St Laurent du Var for crew dinner, I was almost choked with my emotions. I am actually leaving again… the thought of leaving this crew just make my heart ache. They have been wonderful to work with and my accomplice to my food escapades. These boys just love good food…

Chicken Fried Rice

December a busy month but I found time to go to the weekly laiki, farmer’s market. I coud not miss it, I can go to other markets but this is the only day I find the flower stall with good quality of star gazers and other seasonal flowers. So last Saturday, armed with my big…

Risotto with Asparagus

Risotto is one of our favourite comfort food and asparagus is now in season.We (team work between M and I) we were hungry and tired but still wanted to eat hot yummy cooked food we had risotto, after yesterday no carbohydrate supper.Ingredients…A bunch of asparagus1 Onions finely slicedGarlic crushedHalf of red pepper choppedYellow part of…