Garlic man, Athens Central Market.
I have been planning to cook roasted vegetarian lasagne, spinach lasagne the best for this. I have to empty my fridge before I leave this Tuesday. I also had in mind to do some potato gratin (potato dauphinois, potato slices gratineed with milk, butter and grated cheese) before the potatoes I have here start growing hair. I will eventually post the recipes of the lasagne and gratin. I love these food but certainly not for those on strict calorie count!

Some of my friends just cannot understand why I go to the market weekly or even twice weekly since I am alone. I just love to cook and I love creating my own comfort food. Today however, I had somebody who dropped by so I didn’t have enough time to prepare either of the above.
I made SPAGHETTI AGLIO, OLIO E PEPERONCINO instead. This is one of my quick meal recipe I really love to cook at the last minute.
The first time I had this was in San Remo, Italy. Up in shores of the Italian Riviera. The one I had though was made of fresh angel hair pasta. I love mine served with pan grilled meat, I have made my own fusion to this recipe by adding mushroom or sometime courgettes. When I cook though I don’t measure. But I tried to make a small portion recipe for the others to try. Those who do not like chilli can just do with garlic thus the plain spaghetti aglio olio.

300gr spaghetti if you can get angel hair why not
extra virgin oil enough to coat the pasta but not drown the spaghetti
4 crushed chopped cloves garlic add more if you wish
1 small piece of hot red pepper
20gr minced parsley

1)Cook the spaghetti al dente in salted water.
2) Saute the garlic and the red pepper in a frying pan with the oil. Don’t burn the garlic.
3) Add the parsley
4)Drain the pasta. Pour it into the sauce pan mix, toss, then serve

PS When we were in UK, so many weekends when we go to the pubs my mind keeps going back to the places I love in Genoa and San Remo. My husband offered me many times to fly for a weekend to Italy to satisfy my cravings! But we hardly had proper days off!
Grazie ,era squisito!