A recap of a marathon of birthday celebration hosted by friends, one of these was lunch with Bea at Perch Hill in East Sussex, UK.It was a great lunch at the green house with the view of the rolling hills of East Sussex.After harvesting the vegetables, Bea and I cooked our lunch.Other than the broad bean salad on my previous post, we had boiled artichokes which I posted weeks ago. We also gathered some beetroots from the garden,which we boiled and sliced, messing her stove with red blots of stain everywhere.Speaking of beetroots it was Bea who made me love this vegetables. Having grown up in the tropics then pummeled to the Med in my youth the first beet roots I tasted was pickled. Long way back then I hated anything pickled. At Perch Hill there were 3 varieties. Beetroot Boltardy ,Beetroot Chioggia and Beetroot Pronto that made a spectacular salad served with parsely.herbs she collected that add zest to the saladFor our main course….Pasta which she tossed with spicy sausages, beans and some swiss chard, incredibly delicious, topped with roasted tomatoes.Mixed salad harvested from the garden of course which she added dill and some other herbs.salad leaves with Nasturtium flower Our lunch was accompanied by white Hungarian Pinot Grigio of Nagyrede Estate and also had some homemade elderberry cordial which I missed so much!Our table was decorated with sweet pea which I picked from the garden. We had such a pleasant lunch when she realized the dogs were very quite….Oh dear they have ran away. They could not resist the lambs thats why! an excuse to lighten our tummy we went out to look for them. But we could not find them at all….Bea said not to worry they probably gone too far away someone will eventually call.They finally came back midnightI was back in north London wishing I had stayed overnight at Perch Hill where Bea would have pampered me!!!!Thank you Bea.more of perch hill