Such hectic schedule, M and I either buy a sandwich for lunch or eat out. But today on our lunch break we went to the supermarket. For the first time didn’t translate the value of the Kronner to British £. M told me we probably will need to organize a weekly menu so we can plan ahead. There goes being spontaneous. Got some chicken, duck, pork, fish we will get this at this fisk og vilt (fish and wild) shop we saw at Youngstorget square in town.
We went to this Meny supermarket at the Colosseum where you can taste samples of fruits , cheeses and smoked salmon, while pushing your cart. I thought I wouldn’t need no lunch anymore after tasting different cheeses.

As soon we came back shopping we agreed to grab a light lunch at this place opposite our building. Enoteca vin bar. Well, as soon we crossed the street the board DAGENS has ravioli written on it.
We guessed the asparagus and ham (skinke) , we didn’t know what was sopp. I had envisage a ravioli with ham asparagus stuffing.

But to our surprised it was ravioli stuffed with ricotta. The sauce is with two types of mushroom Рfield mushroom and wood ear with asparagus saut̩ed in cr̬me fraiche.
Very small quaint place. Its always full on Friday nights just few steps from our door!