With the summer fading away, I made the last lunch for the family today. One of the kids left for London while the rest of the family are leaving on Friday.

This means too, I leave France soon and head back home to rest before heading to Florida. The girl who left today would come down to the galley when I make this pasta for the kids.
She would then say, “Shalimar it’s the best pasta in the world.”

I know I can easily use canned or bottled sauces for this, but I do enjoy making a fresh sauce for the kids. Yes kids, but why not cook a proper pasta sauce for them. This is  tomato basil sauce, but what I used on this are fresh cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes. They do not like garlic so I used a lot of finely chopped onions and fresh basil. I used to serve this bowl of pasta together with the other food laid out for the buffet but the kids tend to ignore the salad and other food which is normally  made up with Burrata cheese and cheery tomatoes, steamed vegetables. The trick now is the pasta comes in as secondi but the kids being kids they would come to galley and make sure I have cooked their pasta.

Our last trip for the season was in Portofino. The kids certainly have grown up and are much more responsible. They even went out to the restaurant for dinner by themselves and I saw the boys sitting at the piazza ordering their breakfast.

But yet still when they come back to the boat they would still chorus… “Yours is the best pasta in the world.”