Got some squids and I wanted to do the Chinese Salt & Chili Squid.. deep fried full of flavour with chili dip! Then the other one said “please no fry up today!”

Then I remember, I received a box of RISO SUPERFINO CARNAROLI as a Christmas present.
Risotto is not only with Arborio rice, carnaroli is far superior and creamier.

I was about to include the ink to make risotto al nero but again the other one begged NO INK!!! Gawd what is wrong with Swiss Cheese. He even said no no to the tentacles etc but we reached a compromise… NO INK, YES THERE WLL BE TENTACLES .
It would have been great to have black teeth for a day! He is ill no sense of humour today!

Anyway I checked what’s on the fridge, spring onions, yellow and red bell pepper for the first time I have no parsely. Blame it to the freezing temperature, selection at the market was less and the prices are up! The red and yellow pepper enhanced the flavour of the squids.

Click here for my risotto recipe. The one on my archive is with fresh asparagus (spring is not too far away… asparagus season soon). You can create any risotto you like, I have had them with Spanish chorizo, cuttle fish, lobster, porcini, cherry tomatoes.
I served the risotto with a bowl of tomato salad.

While having lunch, I told Swiss Cheese how much I miss my favourite haunts in Genoa and San Remo. You know in Italy you do not need a fat wallet to eat like a King! There are so many tavola calda, tratorria and osteria that offer simple local dishes.

We talked and talked about food, what we can’t find here in Athens and basically how much the food scene in this city is changing.

And just after lunch I logged in…J cooked risotto alla milanese Go to her page there is more explanation about carnaroli and arborio.