pasta with pumpkins

Having left France a month ago, I found myself back in Florida, renting an apartment and looking for work. The original plan was I should have been mid Atlantic ocean now cooking for a crew while the yacht plods her way on her own bottom to Florida from Spain.

So I thought what options do I have. Stay home in Athens and wait for a job offer which I  have been doing for years or fly to the location where the jobs are. I’ve chosen the later and was rather shock with the quality of rooms some agencies let out for crews.

With the help of great friends…. Cliff, Anna and Ella, I am now renting a good place with Anna in Ft Lauderdale. One category I was looking at the place is the kitchen, even its small as long there is a fridge and a stove it will be ideal for me. As soon we have settled in our flat, I went to the supermarket to buy the basics.

When looking for a job and on a tight budget, I rather cook , simple yet nutritious meals.

I could not resist the pumpkins. Its autumn after all and its something I look forward to, chestnuts, pumpkins, sweet corns, beans, romanesco cauliflower, all glorious the season brings.

pumpkn 1

While pushing my cart I suddenly miss the Marche Provencal in Antibes where locally grown vegetables are so fresh and other than that I miss the interactions of the stall owners and the shoppers.

The bonjours, the sniffing and pinching of the vegetables and to my green grocer offering me an espresso, or a glass of wine and the other green grocer letting me taste the fruits that have just arrived for the season.

But as much as I miss that French way of life, I have to assimilate again to the life here again.

I wanted to cook balance and healthy meal , after spending half day visiting crew agencies, I was so famished and was also sick. I was craving for pumpkin soup but alas I don’t have a food processor nor a hand held blender. I even thought of using a sieve and mash the pumpkins but nothing.

vizcaya miamiVizcaya with downtown Miami at the background…..

So I had the moment to be creative , thus my vermicelle with sauteed pumpkins.




Spring onions


Left over meat and some broth.

I had some chicken breast which I poached, either to make chicken sandwiches or salad with chicken bits..

Heat up olive oil, add the garlic, the white parts of green onions. Sautee.

Add the left over meat and pumpkins.

Add a little bit of broth and simmer a bit , cover till the pumpkins soft.

Boil water for the pasta and cook al dente.

Season and add the green part of the spring onions and some chopped parsely.

Drain the pasta and serve with the sauteed pumpkins.

Et voila, cheap and balanced meal… nothing beats the comfort of home cooked food.

The photo of the pumpkins was taken in Switzerland in Heidiland. It’s on the northeastern part of the country near Liechtenstein. I have lost so many of my photo files taken all over Switzerland  from all those years spending autumn months in that country, tasting the cuisine, hiking the Alps, getting to know the culture. Do I sound  a proud Swiss? Almost…..