Yesterday as we went to St Laurent du Var for crew dinner, I was almost choked with my emotions.

I am actually leaving again… the thought of leaving this crew just make my heart ache. They have been wonderful to work with and my accomplice to my food escapades. These boys just love good food and are willing to try something new or encouraging me what to cook.

When we were traveling to Italy on our passage to Ischia they would come shopping and check the fishmonger and if they find something unusual before I could see it they would gladly point it out to me.

They are also the ones who check my photos first and are my “fans”… in all they are the one who made my life so much easier when work overwhelmed me.

Last Sunday I knew it would be our last weekend sharing a meal on our crew table. For months they have asked me to cook some noodles to be specific the rice noodles, which we call Pancit Bihon.
I love Bihon, its just I don’t have the time to cook for it as it involves slicing many vegetables that is just time consuming – which I do not mind, except of course that I have the family too cook for, our chef was away so I did most of the cooking.

Bihon is one of my favourite food, Pancit Bihon will surely be on my comfort food list that transport me back “home”, the food my mother would cook as a treat for us.

So knowing it was our last Sunday together I made an effort to cook Bihon for us. I used both pork and beef with carrots, cabbage , baby corns and courgettes.

leaving amalfi for the eolian islands

We left the port earlier than the usual and as soon we dropped anchor, I plated some and took some photos, at the same time telling my captain….

CAPTAIN DON’T FIRE ME… I am plating some noodles and will set it up on the bridge for photos.
He knows my weakness and he knows the existence of this blog… so while they took the toys out from the garage, I managed to take few photographs.

Then I rushed them to eat lunch because the boss called if I can do lunch for them.
When we all sat down, I could see on their faces how happy they were and we were lost in our thoughts savouring the noodles, when the captain’s phone rang.

Time to pick up the family. The boys asked if they can have the left over for the afternoon snacks.

Sure do…

As for the crew they have begged me to stay longer but I really have to move on…