Sashimi with Yuzu , Grated Ginger, Jalapeño and Sesame Oil

In mid July, we stopped at Bonifcio, Corsica for a short refuel and continued our trip to Tivat, Montenegro. We have just done over a month on our scheduled 3 months summer program.

Looking at the clouds , a cluster of them almost looked like shaped of a fish. I have told Tanni, looked like a hint we will hook a fish today. Who would have thought few minutes later we actually did.

I prepared few portions of the tuna with yuzu, soya, jalapenos , grated ginger with a little sesame oil.
The dish is a reminiscent of my dinner at Nobu, in the Bahamas.

The rest of the tuna, were prepared with coconut milk, chillies, ginger, Asian way of doing ceviche and the rest were grilled with sesame seeds.


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  1. The flesh is so beautiful and I could imagine how fresh and delicious it tastes. Reminds me of the fresh caught fish poke in Hawaii. Yum! Glad to read from you.

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