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Cinnamon and Life

Cinnamon and the High Cost of Living can be found on my other web page Taxidia tis Zois. To Taxidi in Greek is a trip or a journey, at taxidia is the plural form, zoi is life, thus thatÂ’s purpose of my other web page, the Journeys of life of a Misplaced Filipina in Greece….

Oslo Food Diaries

I have been tinkering on my files all the time actually, just that we have to wait till next week when we get the telephone connection gets sorted out. Today I discovered the “immigrant area” see how fast my sense of smell takes me to this kind of place? First I saw a Pakistani shop,…

To Norway

Food to Norway. Yes and don’t laugh! Inside my bags are the following 1) Organic Earl Grey Tea2) Organic Coffee3) Organic Lemon Squash Couldn’t bring anything from Greece except for my briki – its for my greek coffee, its a metal “pot” with a long handle, for greek coffee.I wish I could bring feta (well…