I couldn’t get up must be tired or was it the wine. M said if I were to shower and have a full stomach I’d better get up. I looked at the port hole, ughh not another grey place. Dashed to the breakfast buffet, must have been dashing because I didn’t carry a camera with me.

Great breakfast buffet honestly, lots of cold meat, selection of cheeses, assorted bread, croissant, danish pastries, hot food – eggs, sausages, mushroom, tomatoes (must be catering for the Brits indeed). I wished I could sit longer, I still have to pack and they already called that we are docking.

Kristiansand port, queue at passpot control.

Passport control was swift or maybe we look so innocent. I can’t even remember if they checked our passport in the computer or not. Then passing the customs ,the guy simply asked if the things we have are personal effects.
How long will you be staying?
I had this silly grin on my face and said to him, WE DON’T KNOW.

As soon we left the port, M need to be reminded we are now driving on the right side. We found the exit for E18 Oslo and left Kristiansand, while the ferry will still continue its journey to Goterburg, Sweden.

We have estimated the trip to be around 3 to 4 hrs, Oslo is 322 km away, this we have calculated on our speed while driving in UK.
In UK we go as fast as 80mph that’s around 120km/h (am bad at conversion but this I base on the speedometer). Oh no, we were crawling speed limit is only 50kmp and I had to remind M to keep an eye on the speed.

Snowy scenery along the way.

We hoped will get to Oslo early and fast, normally I doze on a highway but such slow trip was keeping me awake and M lethargic. I had to keep M company he might as well fall asleep behind the wheels or go beyond the speed limit, you can be nabbed even on 5km/h over the limit.

Such a slow drive that I could even snap photos and still come out clear. We had our picnic lunch from the food I brought with me. I fell asleep eventually . After a short break halfway through and the speed limit changed to 100km/h we arrived in Oslo at 2pm on a bright sunny day on March 18th, 2005.