Food to Norway. Yes and don’t laugh! Inside my bags are the following

1) Organic Earl Grey Tea
2) Organic Coffee
3) Organic Lemon Squash

Couldn’t bring anything from Greece except for my briki – its for my greek coffee, its a metal “pot” with a long handle, for greek coffee.
I wish I could bring feta (well I did from Greece and its all gone!)

Susanna the English girl I “met” through the UK_Norsk forum asked me to buy the following:

1) Heinz Baked Beans
2) Hellmans Mayonaisse
3) Oats

The first two is twice as much in Norway, the oats as she said the English one is better! Wait we bought her Scottish oats!

My snacks, Swiss chocs and will grab some crisps tomorrow!
We are already wondering what will be supper on the ferry!