I have been tinkering on my files all the time actually, just that we have to wait till next week when we get the telephone connection gets sorted out.

Today I discovered the “immigrant area” see how fast my sense of smell takes me to this kind of place? First I saw a Pakistani shop, full of spices no spring roll wrappers, but I had jasmine rice. I can survive without rice for a while but its a comfort to know I have some in my cupboard.

Next store… many african and women in veils…spices aha… got some lebanese bread and some chili sauce.

Then M said enough at the mo we have to do some shopping for work. See Oslo many one way street took us right infront of Thai-Vietnamesse store. But we had to park somewhere , a block later I ended at a Sri Lankan store.

OK rice paper for spring rolls and they actually have Mama Sita, but am not a mama sita person. Got some glutinous rice maybe for some palitaw. Ugh no coconut. I saw it at the second store.

We did our shopping and checked some kitchen gadgets including a cake tube pan for my conquest to bake a chiffon cake! Now back to where I saw that Thai store.

Am glad I have a good sense of bearing, without the map I found back the vietnamese-thai. I didn´t even bother to look at the prices!
What I got were some string bean fresh wow! Sitaw I think in tagalog! Some real spring roll and wonton wrappers, rice, egg and soya noodles.
And what I found, sampaloc, tamarind from the Philippines and some dried mango from Cebu.

OK I lost count how much I spent, but I could not care less, on the way home, gjemme in norsk, we stopped at the Kurdistan store near our urghh upscale area. Feta and olives… and good greek olive oil.

Fine, great day, I cooked the beans with chicken and serve with jasmine rice. No wine but a glass of beer with our meal. And by the way a glass of beer is about 5UK pounds, 8euro, 10$.

PS. I am very happy to see the other side of Oslo! More to come with great photos!