That’s what M called our lunch today. After the gym I just wanted something light. A bowl of salad with cervelat. The guilty person admitted he ate all the cervelat in the fridge.

Cervelat is a style of sausage that combines pork or beef with various herbs and spices.

We went to the gourmet shop down our building. Quite a long queue but I really wanted to have something light so we bought some marinated anchovies, boiled shrimp (reker) and some herring.

The roe of the shrimp. I was thinking of the greek taramosalata . In Greece the roe of the carp- tarama is mixed with lemon juice, milk soaked breadcrumbs, olive oil and seasonings. Makes a great dip

The owner must have known us now that they offered us a bit of salmon tartare to taste and the heavenly foie gras touchon
Shall we get a bit? I could see M is nearly tempted to buy.

Didn’t we make a deal, a light lunch?

Oh the baguette please!

M said at this mess “LOOK at you!” For 20 odd years I have been allergic to shrimps, prawns, lobster, crabs. Last October when were in Stockholm, our friends prepared us crayfish for dinner. I said sorry I can’ t eat them but I did try a bit. NO itch, another bite nothing.
For some reasons I could not explain I didn’t itch so am taking steps by steps how I will react to the other crustaceans. M thought its probably a different water up here in the North Sea. Whatever is it I certainly did enjoy our lunch.