I have been meaning to post this story five years back, yes as my diary and my file says April 29, 2005. But I never had the chance to do it.

But it does not mean its 5 years ago I have no memory of that day… It all started with a box of organic eggs which was bought at the organic store. It was marked which farm and through research we located the place. It was around one hour south of Oslo.

And so armed with a map, we journeyed down to the south. April in Norway is still cold but the ice starts melting and the landscape begins to bloom. It was a lovely drive seeing the boats around the fjords are slowly bobbing…

We did find the farm but it was close that day. So we checked on the map what is the nearest town in the area to walk around and from it I could see Holmsbu facing the fjord.

Heading towards there you pass a golf course and few nurseries selling selection of spring flowers ready for transplanting.

So I checked my guidebook what the place about but nothing. But really the spring air , the sea and the wonderful white houses do not need a guide. All you need is the sense of exploring new things.

Walking around Holmsbu passing some old houses, they have dates on the wall some dating back to 1700’s, the gardens are full of spring flowers, roses. We even saw many ladies some men too, prepping up their lovely gardens.

Towards the sea, you can see cabins and summer houses – a very typical Scandinavian summer houses. Basic and rustic. There is this little port and you can obviously see that fishing was then one of the main source of income. But its now mainly tourism. I found out though that there are still a few who fish commercially and sell their catch locally.

From the port I was just getting so hot and thirsty when I saw a small board sign for ice cream and drinks. We were cooling off when I noticed there is actually a menu (meny). With some basic norsk peppered with English, I asked the man if he was serving lunch.

The menu:

    Marinert varmkort laks tilbehor
    Roffinert kreativ og velsmakend
    Renset Krabbe ir krabbesjell

    Rekesmorbrod egg og dressing

    Nyslekte fiskekraker slekte poteler

He showed me his fish soup and he said he can make a Sm