Irish Apple Cake

I was reading the Guardian few days ago, before St Patrick’s day and came across with this recipe. To bake or not to bake? Yes why not, not because I want to celebrate St Patrick’s but much more after a few days waiting for the tests from the doctor and was told there is nothing […]

Greengrocer at Vibo Valentia, Italy

After another ride over the swells when we left Naples, we arrived at Vibo Valentia of the Calabrian region of Southern Italy. As soon we were done with the wash down and clean up, I told the crew we need to get some fruits and wine for our clams. Came along Mick and Ben… this […]

La Maisons des Desserts, Namur, Belgium

and yet another story that has been sitting on the draft charming post box Whats Namur? A town or village?I kept saying I really do not know, but my husband went on asking.. What made you choose the place? Well I said it’s a town on the east side of the autobahn when we turn […]

I tre merli

I was having lunch with close friends in Genoa at the restaurant called I Tre Merli when I thought how much I wished I can blog again. I have not have not stopped cooking nor discovering the joys of food, in fact I do cook daily for a crew of 4, myself, a Ukrainian stew, […]

Isole Eolie o Lipari

time to clean those sword fish!!!! It is now confirmed that we will be cruising Amalfi, Capri and the Aeolian Islands for 3 weeks this coming July. We (just the crew) will travel for 3 to 4 days to Sicily where the family will join us. In 2003 I was in the area when I […]

Can you follow a recipe?

marinated artichoke hearts over egg white, cherry tomatoes stuffed with mozarella, parmessan, olives and capers Well that’s what my boss asked me over lunch while anchored at San Fruttuoso just outside Portofino. Before we go to that let me tell you where we have been cruising, before coming to Portofno and my worries not having […]


Just before lunch was finished Swiss Cheese said, don’t order desserts, we will have MOZARTKUGEL later. Mozartkugel? Well he said it’s a rounded chocolate but I wont say more so you can check it yourself. But I think I had the idea what was he up to, as I remember when we first arrived in […]

Lunch in Salzburg, Austria

This post was written end of June 2005 and was placed on draft on my blogger account just before I left for France last summer. Since then I never had the chance to post this. I have been cleaning files and looked at my old account and thought this is worth posting. Reading through this […]