marinated artichoke hearts over egg white, cherry tomatoes stuffed with mozarella, parmessan, olives and capers

Well that’s what my boss asked me over lunch while anchored at San Fruttuoso just outside Portofino.
Before we go to that let me tell you where we have been cruising, before coming to Portofno and my worries not having the chef on board and my provisioning.

It’s been over 12 days that I have not had day off. The family arrived for the May 1st weekend and spent our days cruising the area, anchoring at Cap d’ Antibes – their villa is not too far from the famous Hotel du Cap and some days at Cap Ferrat. On those days of course we had C the family chef.

a joy to get away from the boat I went up above the hill and saw this breathtaking view

On the kid’s last day we served lunch for the whole family on the deck. Chef made leek and mushroom pie, chicken skewered on lemon grass and the usual lunch for the kids: boiled eggs, tuna, rice cakes, sliced cucumber and carrots.

Then we pushed the plan for Portofino. The initial plan was to leave Tuesday before lunch giving me time to shop food for the crew and some fresh greens for them as they love vegetables crudités and the dips I do for them.

fresh crudites which I prepare almost daily, I just vary the greens and dips.

I normally just stick around to their favourite, greek yoghurt which I add dill, chives sometimes fromage blanc.

The other favourite is avocado dip. Sometimes I add fluid crème fraiche or mousse of fromage blanc to make it less dense.

As soon the kids left with C (the bloody chef was laughing at me when I asked me if they were flying commercial…. Private of course!!!) the boss decided to meet us up in Cap Ferrat for the night, anchor there and early morning to depart for Portofino.

yummy focaccia which the boys – captain and deckhand love so much

Oh dear. Well I know that even I haven’t got much for the crew I also know I can feed them pasta all week long. Spaghetti with pesto sauce etc as I will be given a chance to shop then I should not worry.

But they did asked me if I can cook for them.
I rang the driver…. I said to him send me what ever kosher meat there is available at the fridge. Mrs G cereals and fresh milk.

But then the Captain said nothing to worry they will eat out. But I had to do them breakfast.

My boss idea of French toast actually sent me floored. He asked me to dip white bread slices on the beaten eggs and fry them and serve his fried bread with fried cherry tomatoes.

Luckily the green grocer at Portofino sold sweet cherry tomatoes.

portofino, as the boat was entering the port i grabbed my camera before my hands get full handling the fenders and the lines. I love these buildings and the quaint cafes and bars on this side.

Mrs G is easy with her porridge. C before he left has given me instructions what to do. But one day too she asked me to go to Portofino’s only bakery to buy some PANETTONE GENOVESSE.

It felt like Christmas. Toasted panettone with melted butter. Heaven!!! I gave some to the crew as well.

Then on Wednesday evening just before they went out for dinner she called me to the salon.
They want to go somewhere in a beautiful bay to anchor and lunch.

Lunch? “Shalimar, can you prepare us lunch? Maybe if you can find a good mozzarella and fine olive oil…. Tuna fillets and if you can find ruculla?
And perhaps a selection of foccacia.”

Well as long money is not a question then I found the finest mozzarella and olive oil. Even got potted basil and some marinated artichoke hearts and peppers stuffed with tuna.

portofino at night

So we anchored in front of San Fruttuoso. If you hike this place along the ridges from Portofino this is around 2 hrs walk. A marvellous view awaits you.

So comes lunch. I made capressese. Mix salad leaves with shaven parmesan. A plate of with tuna fillets, grated carrots, chopped celery, sweet corn, radishes and the stuffed pepper. I served them foccacia formaggio, naturalle and with some olives.

Served them espresso with bacci (kisses) and coconut macaroons which I found at the bakery. Somehow these tiny goodies are so good that even the owner kept telling me if my boss love her desserts, famous Italian people at Dolce Gabbana keep going to her place. OH well…..

Back to the question if I can follow a recipe.

I think its gotten so obvious I can cook for the food that come out from the galley are very much well presented and with great taste (easy Shalimar!!!)

behind some restaurants before dinner start i saw these kitchen crew having a break.

I was serving them when Mrs G asked if I can follow a recipe. Since am a bad liar I said yes.
Mr G: What kind of food can you cook?
Me: Basically what comes my cravings dictate me to cook. But I do European food a lot.
Mrs G: How can you call your cooking style?
Me: ( I nearly cracked up since I have been caught unprepared for this trip) I said basically what I have been serving you the last few days is what I call CREATIVITY.
What ever the green grocer has available and what I can find at the fridge.

Mr G: Asian? Spring rolls, noodles….

Can I deny that? Luckily the boat rolled slightly bit and the whole conversation ended.

the galley when I did the boss breakfast.

Then I text to Chef who is happy cooking for the kids at Regent’s Park:
We need to discuss seriously our provisions for the coming trips.

We will be cruising for 3 weeks in Aeolian islands, Amalfi and Capri this July.

Will post other photos on other blog… click here…

and chef C feeling unwell after the boat rolled slightly bit…..this was somewhere in Cannes