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Whats Namur?

A town or village?I kept saying I really do not know, but my husband went on asking.. What made you choose the place? Well I said it’s a town on the east side of the autobahn when we turn right to head for Luxemburg. He must be tired we set off from St Albans, UK at 630am to arrive at Dover by 8am and we had not stopped since leaving Calais, except to fill the fuel tank.

I was getting desperate for a hot drink and we needed to stretch our legs. Namur is just south of Brussels not far from Waterloo (Yes Napoleon’s Waterloo). A good stopping point because I did not want a road side café. I wanted to try what Belgians take for their tea time!

belgian waffles

As usual we head for the La Gare (train station) judging from the signs we were on the French speaking side so nothing to worry we can get by. If you were to ask me if I speak Francais its NON but… I can read menu well and get the gist of it. My husband always tell everybody, “Sha never get hungry she reads the menu well enough!”

We just followed the crowd, we walked towards the shopping district and we saw old buildings. From experience anything that leads towards the old part of town always have good cafés.

What I noticed though that locals were queuing for some food. Curious as I could get I poked my nosey self and voila, Belgian waffles. But we need to sit down, Markus who loves going at back streets suggested we turn right and turn left out to the main street back in again.

He always say if we follow the road least taken there will always be a surprised. Indeed it turned out to be LA MAISON DES DESSERTS.
As you enter, you can look at all selection. I guessed immediately what Markus is going to order, the strawberry tart was beckoning him, take me am luscious hahaha. My gastric juices went for the charlotte with framboise. But as soon we sat down I saw the waitress putting down a plate of Crépes.

I whispered to Markus to look for the menu they have more than what we saw. Yes a whole selection of crépes. I nearly went for Crépe Suzette (flambée Grand Marnier et Cognac) or the one Crepes de la Maison des Desserts, with fourre crème patissiere pralinée, amandes et noisettes. But my comfort zone, asked for one of my favourite, CREPES BANANA CHOCOLAT CHAUD.

Thé et café espresso avec crème fraiche ordered we waited for the desserts to arrive with so much anticipation. Finally Markus gateaux came an enormous portion with more cream then my crépes. Its not Nutella by the way (lets not insult the chocolate loving Belgians), real chocolate chaud, so velvety.

After consuming such sinful calorific dessert we still have the praline to eat that came along with the drinks.

La Maisons des Desserts
E. de Hucorne
Namur, Belgium