This post was written end of June 2005 and was placed on draft on my blogger account just before I left for France last summer. Since then I never had the chance to post this.

I have been cleaning files and looked at my old account and thought this is worth posting.

Reading through this the verbs were still in the present form… so I will not change this at all. Just remember this travel and food story was written June 27th, 2005.

“Tamino, shan’t we eat?”, the hungry Papageno asks in Mozart’s “Magic Flute.” But Tamino is silent because he has other worries – he is searching for Pamina and has much more important things on his mind.

We did not have Salzburg in our plan, though its on our wish list, it just happened that we are taking our things from UK to Greece. The trip started from Dover-Calais passing Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria to Ancona, Italy. We knew we are not holiday but in a mad dash to Greece because I need to get back to France this week.

Stopping at Salzburg is so tempting, I told my Swiss Cheese, of all the years of dreaming of it why cant we just stop there for lunch?
Lunch and sight see a bit, we can skip the Saturday ferry and take the Sunday one instead.

We parked near the Banhof (if new to a city, train station is always the best bet to start your walkabout) and from there walked to the grid of the city that would take us to the old town. The birthplace of Mozart and the place made so famous with The Sound of Music . A film I have seen a countless times.

As were walking a painting caught my eyes, I called for my husband and said, “look at that painting of horses!” He said, BREWERY! He then said food at brewery never fails and to think they are probably been serving the same good old recipes for centuries! I also noted there are hardly tourists here but locals and that’s a good sign

I told him to ask for non smoking section and he gave me a bewildered look, he said this is a PUBLIC HOUSE. But we did get a lovely table away from the smokers. Hard wood and table covered with linen, yes proper linen.

No question what to drink, their own beer of course, Stiegl , M went for the Pils and I had a radler, with a citron mix a lighter kind.

Looking at the menu it was obviously classical Austrian cuisine.

For the brot (bread) hot rolls of Salzstange arrived. Its similar to laugen (pretzel) salted and light.

We shared a starter: KRAFTIGE RINDSUPPE MIT KRAUTERFRITTATEN ODER LEBERKNODEL (my laptop is English so I cant put the proper Germanic spelling with umlat)
It’s a clear soup (consomme) with thin strips of pancake or with liver dumpling. Swiss Cheese chose the dumpling and it was delicious.

Main course, I went for:


Such long words for Salzburger Schnitzel isn’t it? Its escalope of beef, Salzburg style stuffed with mushroom, bacon and onion served with parsley potatoes. And that is only 7.40€

It’s a dumpling of bread and potato served with chopped calf innards in cream sauce. €9.00

I am lost with words to describe that meal and the reason I added the prices is I was ready to pay like €15 to €20 for the main courses, after all this is Salzburg, but for delicious meal of less than 10€ a plate, think he had real treat!

It was indeed delightful to have such wonderful meal where locals go, after such hearty lunch we set off to discover the city that gave Mozart his first light!

Hotel Gastaten StieglBrau
Rainerstraße 12-14
Salzburg, Austria
Tel. +43 (0) 6 62 – 87 76 94