time to clean those sword fish!!!!

It is now confirmed that we will be cruising Amalfi, Capri and the Aeolian Islands for 3 weeks this coming July.
We (just the crew) will travel for 3 to 4 days to Sicily where the family will join us.
In 2003 I was in the area when I was working aboard Christina O and I did not know much way back then the differences of pixels, jpeg etc when I started using the digital form of photography.

But here I will share you the photos and why I sneaked out of the boat that time.

pesce fresco… no need for your translation book

Just north-west of Sicily lie the Aeolian Islands, the largest of which is Lipari.

The town of Lipari is dominated by a cliff-top citadel, built in the 1500s, and buffered by two beaches, the Marina Lunga on which the harbour is sited, and the Marina Corta.

ah sad for arsenal losing against barcelona eh… but maybe bella italia wins the world cup…
hmm better concentrate cleaning these mussels

Lipari, with its hotels, restaurants and bars, makes a good base for exploring the other islands of the archipelago, including Salina, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea and Vulcano, all of which offer beautiful scenery, volcanoes, castles, thermal resorts, watersports, fishing and some lovely volcanic-black beaches.

Most visitors get to the Aeolian Islands by ferry from Milazzo, in Sicily, but the more glamorous arrive on yachts.

I did arrive by yacht but not as the glamorous rich person who has millions but as the adventurous yacht stewardess working aboard MY Christina O.

I went to Lipari to help Swiss Cheese with his shopping at early morning thus I actually broke down the crew policy for going onshore.

But as you see he said they have a great fish monger and I could not just miss that. It was worth it… the photos alone speaks a thousand words.

These photos were taken around 8am when the fishmonger (whole sale were preparing their fresh goods for deliveries).

The sea around the area is quite known for sword fish and tuna. One man took me inside the fridges and I was in awe how huge the spada (sword fish) were!!!

Few hours later we sailed and anchored at the island of Stromboli and at night saw the lava spewing flowing towards the slope and the releasing more sounds. I didn’t take photos that night but its etched forever in my memory.

lipari…. mama mia why dont we just go and eat fritto misto

Now I look forward for our trip in the next few months I will have to behave so the captain will let me go with the chef…..