Trogir, Croatia not to far from Split at the heart of the Dalmatian Coast. The old town in an island that is linked to the main land by a small stone bridge.

We have been anchored off for two nights in a row that the news that we will be at port was such a relief.
The very afternoon we docked, Clive and myself went out to check where was the market. Well we found the supermarket and not far from the port was the open market.What was surprising was it was almost 6pm and it was still open.



So we managed to buy lots of fresh fruits and some fresh mint. There were some home pressed olive oils with aromatic herbs. The boys asked for watermelons…
Believe this or not these pictures were taken on my cell phone.

More photos of Trogir (click me) and this was just what I call snappy moments because I was too busy with work but I managed to take few shots….