Coconut, Lime & Mint Granita

It’s dark at 0730 am when we are about to start our day … and its gets cold and chilly at night. Summer is slowly fading away but at least at mid day we could still feel the heat. Where did the summer go? It went too fast I guess… sailing in Greece, returning via […]

What is your adobo story?

If you were to ask my London born nephew what his favourite Filipino food is, with out missing a beat, “Chicken Adobo” is his answer. Wasn’t it just last week that I cooked squid adobo? And this week a mix of chicken and pork adobo. Adobo is the national cuisine of the country. This has […]

Khana Khanu Bhayo? Meera’s Momo

(steaming momos) I asked her for a recipe. She giggled as if I asked for the moon. Then she shook her head sideways… By then I understood that head wobble.. it’s a yes in Nepal , shaking her head side by side. (Donkey Express at the Annapurna Region) We decided to stop at Meera’s Guest […]

The Art of Plating

I have submitted some photos for food photography competition, winning photos will be announced next week and I have been asked if the photos were set up. I am afraid not, those food were plated and just about to be serve. Looking back the past 2 seasons at work, I must have driven the stewardesses […]

Irish Apple Cake

I was reading the Guardian few days ago, before St Patrick’s day and came across with this recipe. To bake or not to bake? Yes why not, not because I want to celebrate St Patrick’s but much more after a few days waiting for the tests from the doctor and was told there is nothing […]

Writing on Food & Travels…My 7 Links Challenge

(Dumre, Nepal a bazaar town where we hopped for our trip to Bandipur, Here a guy sells Churu-Muri or spiced puffed rice.) I have read two of her books… the first one,Sea Fare , she actually came to see me in Cannes, the first time we met. That very weekend, I went with my Captain’s […]

Namaste Nepal

Why Nepal? It’s been over a month since I came back from Nepal and the other day I was greeted by friends; Happy Holi, a festival of colours in Nepal where people throw perfumed coloured powder. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full day of the lunar month. […]

Happy New Year

2011 has been indeed hectic… I am off to travel a bit to discover new things and to “reboot” a little bit. I will be back end of the month and that week too will mark my 7th year on blogging. Happy New Year and I wish you all a fantastic year ahead. More writings […]


  If I could give these heart cookies that I have baked, who would I give ethereal pieces to? Well surely to my crew and few close people who have been instrumental to my career switch, from being a chief stewardess to a chef. Did I say chef? Chef.. did I actually say that? Who […]