Growing up in the Philippines, I could never understand my mother’s excitement when she was given aubergines and I would find her grilling them to burn the skin , then see her either beating eggs to make a torta or chopping tomatoes and onions for augbergine salad.

I never really had any affinity to these lovely vegetables until I found myself experimenting on food and cooking itself. Perhaps through blogging I have discovered so much about Filipino cooking.

What I love best on this torta (aubergine omelette) is the smokey taste of the grilled aubergine.
I don’t have charcoals to grill them over so I use the oven.

It’s really easy.
Simply prick the skin with a fork
Broil them until soft

Cool the aubergines. Then peel, I normally put the peeled aubergine on a paper to drain the excess liquid.

Beat one egg and coat the aubergine thinly.

Heat up oil on a non stick pan, once hot gently brown the aubergine and flip slowly try to keep the stem intact.

You can eat this cold as well but I prefer this hot which I paired with the salad.

Et voila, easy comfort food.

And so I am blogging here in France … We were in St Tropez the other day and we are given weekend off.