Loukoumades… the Greek pastry sometimes called HONEY PUFFS, HONEY BALLS, FRIED PUFFS. Whatever you call them, its one of my favourite Greek pastry.

Loukoumades are sweet fritters that are deep fried till golden brown and served with honey syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Its basically made of flour and yeast, feathery light, served hot ( I will post a recipe once I test which one is the easy one to adapt)

I have “discovered” this place in the heart of the city at 46 Panepistimio St. (University Avenue) opposite Arsakeion on the corner of Harilao Trikoupi.

Not really my own discovery but our Greek dentist, one of our oldest dearest friend here in Athens, showed us the hidden gems of this city.

This place called To Aegeion has been on this location since 1935 and when you go in you just say how many plates you want. Then the waiter comes with glasses of cold water and those dessert forks and knives.

Few minutes later freshly deep fried fritters, pipping hot arrive on the marble tables then I get transported to dessert heaven.

I have not really made these fresh, years back I would buy the pre made box where you just add water. These days its part of my ritual when I come back to Athens… I walk to town and visit this place. Tourists do not notice this little semi underground place.

I took my tropical cousin for a Loukoumades treat. She just love them… the photo is the evidence. Ah am sure my Swedish friend if he sees this, will lick the screen or just will call me how much he misses this place.

Oh yes the reason of no recent activity on this blog is I barely am in the kitchen. My cousin and I have been enjoying the spring like weather, visiting antiquity sites and most of all doing a lot of CULINARY TASTING AROUND THE CITY!