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A Pancake Feast

Ghene Snowdon…. “oh dear me. Sha, take a photo before passing it to your crewmates. That way you have something to blog about” This post is long overdue, today is already Palm Sunday and next week is Easter.. this pancake story started at the beginning of the Lent when Stephen, our British mate, came to…

Mango Fool

Stop Baking!!! Those are the words that came out from Swiss Cheese mouth while we were having lunch on baked macaroni. When I arrived from Germany last Tuesday, I went to an auto mode of cleaning, laundry and shopping. Thursday I slaved in the kitchen. I baked the pear upside down cake, leche flan and…

White Chocolate Ginger Creme Brulee – Recipe for Love SHF 16

Do vanilla, ginger and white chocolate make you amorous? Well if so then I just made a potential aphrodisiac for this month’s SUGAR HIGH FRIDAY #16. On our host site, Jennifer of Taste Everything At Once it says We’re looking for truly amour-inducing sweet treasures. Tempting desserts that double as aphrodisiacs. Desserts so amative we’re…