Gambas al Ajillo

It was a very long season. We left Spain in April. The trip took us to Sicily, Athens, the Greek Islands, Istanbul, South Turkey , Thessaloniki, the Sporades and the Ionian Islands of Greece, before crossing the Ionian Sea to Italy again. After dropping off the guests in Olbia, we did not wait long and […]

Perfect Table Setting…

I just came from Ft. Lauderdale to see friends who have arrived from France. The annual Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show opens next week and one of the highlights for the interior crew is the Perfect Table Setting competition. Last year’s competition , the first ever been was divided into two categories: Formal setting and outdoor […]

vermicelle with sauteed pumpkins

Having left France a month ago, I found myself back in Florida, renting an apartment and looking for work. The original plan was I should have been mid Atlantic ocean now cooking for a crew while the yacht plods her way on her own bottom to Florida from Spain. So I thought what options do […]

… a gem for a less, restaurant acchiardo

I wonder what made me enter that place… I was walking around the web of streets in the old town of Nice (Vieux Nice), and had no plans to eat lunch yet… I was just stopping by and taking photos. But I found myself asking for a table for one, a cosy place with gingham […]

oh sunny day @ plage keller

certain posts have been lying dormant on my drafts that are worth posting. this restaurant we visited last june 2005 but hey I passed the place last summer and its still packed! so enjoy… Inside dining and its view. We just left Antibes after a morning of going rounds seeing agencies. We have not decided […]

Lunch in Salzburg, Austria

This post was written end of June 2005 and was placed on draft on my blogger account just before I left for France last summer. Since then I never had the chance to post this. I have been cleaning files and looked at my old account and thought this is worth posting. Reading through this […]