Sensuous… luscious.. seductive… heavenly this is how I describe these leche flans I made. For years of eating this calorific classic dessert, I finally attempted to do it.

I can’t even remember when was the last time my sister made leche flan. She was the one who had the leche flan bug and I did cakes. For years I have eaten different variations…. soggy… too sweet…caramel too syrupy or bitter. Sometimes yes I get lucky to have tasted good ones.
It was even a fashion here among Filipino parties, chiffon cakes topped with leche flan.

ThenMarket Manila posted a week before Christmas a series on classic Filipino recipes. One of course is his leche flan that is made of carabao’s milk. Am sure it is so creamy. I can imagine it as I used to eat a lot of ice cream made of ORGANIC BUFALLO MILK.

So I have to settle for what I could find. Rambutan’s
Surprise Flan sounded too tempting. Surprise because she added cream cheese. The photo above is Rambutan’s recipe.

As you see am the kind who wants to test different variations so I attempted Celia Kusinera’sTraditional Leche Flan
.Hers has more egg yolks and vanilla.

As for the caramel it can be from honey gold to reddish amber, your choice but DO NOT BURN IT. It will be bitter. As for my first attempt they turned out almost perfect except that I burned my finger while doing the caramel.