My quest for certain ingredients took me to three different Asian stores in Ambelokipi where most of the Filipinos reside.

After cleaning the fridge and going thru my cupboards, I finally have a clear picture, what I need to get. I actually have no more meat left except for some pork which have been ignored inside the freezer.
Its a great way to start the year’s first week CLEAN FRIDGE!!

First shop I went is owned by a Filipino man where I found these TUGI or bean sprouts. I also got some red chilli peppers from them as well. But they only stock Filipino ingredients.

Next store, Salamat, the pioneer of Asian food stocks up Japanesses, Thai, Indian ingredients… a small store but here I get my miso, Thai curry paste, nori and Japanesse rice.
But I can’t find the Lye Water I have been looking for.

3rd shop ” Roxanne” is owned by a Sri Lankan man. I visit his store every now and then. He sells sweet Pakistani mangoes almost as sweet as Philippine mangoes but of lower price. He also stock up ingredient for Indian, Sri Lankan cuisine and he gives me new things to try for free. And he has lye water!!!

As soon I came home I made a salad with my mung bean sprouts mixed with alfafa, tomatoes and feta.

The next day I stir fried the remaining sprouts while they are still fresh. You can judge from the colours, they should be white not brown.
A pretty quick one pot dish!

Heat up a bit of oil
Saute crushed garlic, sliced onions and finely sliced ginger.
I added a bit of turkey bits
Add the sprouts

DO NOT OVERCOOK , perhaps less than a minute or so. Sprouts are tasty when they remain crunchy.
After the holiday’s indulgence light meal is all I need at this moment!