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Alugbati…Malabar Spinach

… or the vine spinach The cook and I continuously had our little disagreements. While I was craving for locally sourced food, she wanted to fry meat which I have a dislike of. Frying in the Philippines is so common but I wanted to eat the food I missed. So many times I went to…

Food Philippines

Halo halo… literally means “to mix”…. glass is filled with sweetcorn, boiled beans, nata de coco, tapioca , topped with shaved ice and evaporated milk, served with ice cream , in this photo with UBE ice cream (taro) and serve on baby coconut… this dessert is also popular in other Asian country called cendol, in…

Dirty Ice Cream

Mamang Sorbetero I took these series of shots on the day the Greeks celebrated the beginning of the Lent. Remember your childhood days rushing to the streets upon hearing the ice cream bell of a Mamang Sorbetero. The Sorbetero is a vendor who sells sorbetes ice cream, the streets. He goes around pushing a cart…