My weekly “menu” always include fish. Always! I went to the fishmonger hoping I can find SALMON. Been craving of the way our friend in Stockholm, Sweden prepared it. She topped it with feta, cashews and some Thai chili sauce. I have re invented this for my crew mates in France and they all love it.

If I find salmon then I find good use of the cashew nuts from the Christmas past! But no salmon, just some bream, squids and mackarel.
Hmm the Filipino way of tinola or Iska’s mackarel recipe… which I love. But to cook the mackarel that way then I would have to cook rice which is a NO NO today.
I only want something light. I feel so “heavy” since I have not been to gym for few days now. Got this awful stabbing pain at my lower back.

My sister was literally telling me off “MAYBE YOU DID YOUR EXERCISE WRONG!!”
or huh too much blogging tehee… sitting in front of a computer for so long is not healthy you know.

Lets go back to the MACKAREL… I cleaned them, this primal activity gives me a soothing effect but not the smelly part of it! Oven grilled the Med way is how I did that. Posted it when I first started this blog.

Yesterday I roasted some EGGPLANTS, unskinned them placed them inside the fridge. I just added spring onions and tomato, drizzled with olive oil. I got that idea from Market Man.

Made some WILD ROCKET salad.I have to say wild as the Greeks collect them from the fields. When I was in Cannes I would look at the rocket small, uniform sizes obviously green house. These I got from the market have bitter stronger taste. Duh no more balsamic.

But I have VINAGRE DE JEREZ. A vinegar from Jerez made from wine in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, Spain.The Reserva which I have had been aged for over two years! Got that last Christmas….not too bad.

Well oven grilled mackarel, a small bowl of eggplant salad and some rocket.. life is good!
Now laundry is waiting!