Saw some beans today at the Vietnamese store and with hectic schedule we are happy to have simple food yet healthy. I told M I cook today but it must be something quick and simple. Beans just like I had it when I was growing up in Cebu.

Beans sliced around 1”
Onions chopped, garlic
I added fresh tomatoes chopped
Chicken breasts – sliced

How to do another quick meal
1)Saute the garlic and onions
2) Brown the sliced chicken breasts.
3)Season of course with soya sauce
4) Add tomatoes
5) Add the beans, cook till beans get soft but not soggy!

I don’t have a rice cooker here in Oslo luckily the copper pot has a good heavy bottom that does not burn the rice.

I don’t exactly know what the English name of this type of beans. In Cebu we call this batong, didn’t get the Norwegian name of this.
Years ago this kind of beans did not exist in Athens, but some Filipino who worked at the green houses for iceberg cabbages started planting this one. Well the Greek owner saw the potential now its widely available in the farmers market in Ambelolikipi area of Athens.