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White Chocolate Ginger Creme Brulee – Recipe for Love SHF 16

Do vanilla, ginger and white chocolate make you amorous? Well if so then I just made a potential aphrodisiac for this month’s SUGAR HIGH FRIDAY #16. On our host site, Jennifer of Taste Everything At Once it says We’re looking for truly amour-inducing sweet treasures. Tempting desserts that double as aphrodisiacs. Desserts so amative we’re…

Cookie Swap SHF/IMBB

When I opened Boston’s Master Baker’s Site aka Stel and saw gingerbread babies I knew I have missed the deadline. SHF asked food bloggers or any bloggers for their cookie recipe for a virtual cookie swap. Sounds exciting? Whenever I have time, I bake batches of assorted of cookies and give them away as presents….

Chilled Carrot Soup

Something orange? We had this soup today and I read The Pilgrim’s Pots & Pans Escabeche. Orange? And yesterday, we (M & I again) cooked some noodles, I love sotanghon very much and English Patis‘ Sotanghon made my gastric juice flow so I had to cook it! So here is my something orange… Use 1kilo…