A while ago just when I finished lunch (appetite back, Swiss cheese cooked steak and we had it with anchovy sauce sent from UK by Celia) the doorbell rang.

I asked the Swiss Cheese, “are you expecting someone?” So I went to the verandah and hollered
Nai poios eivai… Yes who is it
The guy said DEMA. parcel.

Parcel? But our postman comes around 10am it was already past 2pm.

Just when he approached my door he said “eisai Shalimar?”
Are you Shalimar?

Sign here please.

UK parcel force cant be my sister she just left then I saw the name BARROW.

I called the Swiss man this is from the wine guy… the one at Henley.. the one who has a very Brit wicked sense of humour.
I told him there is home made cookies in here, made with passion and love….

Let me tell you something, before Andrew gave us the names of other fellow bloggers whom we sent parcels, he already posted the irish hazelnuts biscuits on his blog and the recipe on Slashfood.

I left him a comment that I hope that those cookies are for me and he better make sure he sends me organic honey to go with them.
In Andrew’s fashion he replied, “some are so demanding.”

But having dealt with English sense of humour and irony I had a good laugh on those comment exchanges. I even told Celia that I can have wicked comments at Andrew’s page.
She said oh Andrew he has a dry wit!!!!

I am dancing with joy… first I opened the wax paper gently so not to crumble the cookies, well protected with bubble wrap.

Inside were 3 Tyrrells Chips. Tyrrells chips can be expensive but there are NO PRESERVATIVES, one is Parsnip with Sea Salt and Black Pepper, All Natural Apple Chips and Apple Chips with Cinnamon.

These chips are already inside my luggage.

A sweet garlic dressing. I love GARLIC. This one I have not seen when I was in UK Harrington’s Benenden Sauce from Kent. Made in small batches.

Janie’s Hot & Sweet Chutney that made Swiss Cheese smile ( he has lived in UK longer than I did). Hand made by Jane Trevorrow. I checked the post code this is from Evesham.
Then of course Cotswold Honey. I love Cotswold and the villages around there.

Lastly THE OBSERVERS FOOD MONTHLY. When I was in UK I buy Observer the day Food Monthly is included. My sister collects this one too. Oh Vic Reeves is on the cover too with an article on Fair Trade. I will read this mag on the plane tomorrow.

Thank you Andrew…. you have made my day and I immediately sat down with a cuppa.

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