Well Andrew of Spitton Extra our host this month’s for the 17th edition of Sugar High Friday wrote…

Encompassed by the Dairy theme we are looking at milk, cream, yogurts and cheese (and substitutes such as soya milk, almond milk or soy yogurt for people with allergies or special dietary requirements,) but eggs are not classed as dairy; although you can use these of course in a subsidiary role. So a broad selection of products you can utilise in your culinary masterpiece… …

There are few greek desserts and cakes I know of that uses yoghurt.
One is Galaktoboureko, an eggy custard with yoghurt.
The other is karidopitta, walnut cake with yoghurt.

The problem is I want to follow strictly to the theme, dairy.
Sitting on the shelf is one of the most battered cookbook, GREAT DESSERTS by Christian Teubner and Sybil Grafin Schonfeldt.Flipping through the pages you can tell the desserts here are classical. Cooks of the old school will love this book.
The book has food reference on the fruits used and the different sauces and the photos actually helps a lot as it guides you some steps.

I have never done any dessert from this book mainly because I find the whole thing so daunting.

I went through it and now that I have been experimenting a lot these days, I find the recipes easier to understand. So for this month’s theme why not use Greek yoghurt?

For most of you out there, you would immediately relate to FAGE yoghurt. For me who lives in Athens, there are so many brands to choose from and you can even get yoghurt per kilo at the cheese shops.
I used Agrotima Braxias, Braxias Fram which is from Mebgal company of Thessaloniki.

I have been buying this yoghurt for the Swiss man here. Its 5% fat content while I normally get the full fat or the 2% fat. I can’t really enjoy a 0%. We need fat you know.
So I chose Strawberry Yoghurt Dessert, this not Greek, but most likely is German, Swiss or Austrian.

Strawberry Yoghurt Dessert
150 g strawberries
1 1/2 tbsp orange juice
50g sugar
4 leaves gelatine (3 will do especially if the leaf is big)
175 plain yoghurt
2 tbsp kirsch (optional)
150 ml whipping cream
individual moulds
strawberries for decoration

1) Puree the strawberries and bring this gently to boil with orange juice and sugar.
2) Dissolve the softened and well squeezed out gelatin in it.
3) Let it cool a little, stir in the yoghurt and the kirsch.
4) Fold the in the whipped cream
5)Put 2 half strawberries in each mould and fill with mixture.
6) Chill and serve.

For the sugar, you can add more if the strawberries are not too sweet.
If you don’t have kirsch (I used a swiss one) rhum will do but the alcohol is optional.

These desserts disappeared fast, faster than you can say yog..hurt!