What would I eat when I feel like curling on my sofa on cold dreary days? What food gives me a sense of comfort?

Euro Blogging By Mail #3
is now on its 3rd edition hosted by Johanna of Passionate Cook
To send a comforting parcel this what has been asked:

  • a recipe for comfort food that you enjoy making
  • along with any ingredients needed for it (if not readily available)

  • anything heart-warming that you like to eat/drink when you cuddle up in front of the fireplace
  • something home made

    It was sometime late summer when I was alerted by Celia
    of this event. Andrew did email me I wanted to join but I was in France and our way to Italy. .

    I did not want my post sitting unclaimed at the French La Poste and the sender might have sent something that needed to be consumed as soon as possible. Or the sender sending me recipe with the ingredients and I did not have my own kitchen.

    Andrew brought this even to Europe and on his site it says exclusively just for the euro bloggers due to postal reasons. Now I have time to join the fun.

    Now comes the question what comforts me?
    Of course what comforts me on cold days always tend to be soup. With lots of ginger and vegetables. This can vary from chicken, beef ribs, ox tail and the Filipino arroz caldo.Its rice ginger soup similar to congee.Other food that brings me comfort are any form of noodles stir fried or soup base.

    How am suppose to send meat to the recipient? The vegetables? So I went to his/her site ( I wont reveal his/her identity yet) dug his/her archives. Found out he/she has a weakness for chocolates.

    So I got him/her ingredients for brownies (ha very original of me!!!) but for me its my sweet comfort food.
    The thought of baking it to satisfy my sweet tooth while having a mug of earl grey is comforting.
    Other than that it brings me memories of my mother baking this especially when we has Friday night sleep over with classmates from school.

    I also went to the chichi tea shop in town and got the recipient 3 types of tea.
    O thesaurus ton maya Ο ΘΥΣΑΥΡΟΣ ΤΩΝ ΜΑΓΙΩΝ MAYA’S TREASURE black tea with choc bits.
    ΠΡΑΣΙΝΟΣ ΔΡΑΚΟΣ, Prasinos Drakos Green Dragon , green tea with Cinnamon and Orange.
    ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ K ΜΑΥΡΟΣ Kokkinos Mavros Red & Black black tea with red and black berries with blossoms.

    I just boxed the parcel today and it should be at the post tomorrow, I do look forward for the parcel that comes my way that says COMFORT ME.

    Now lets have fun . What food or drink that gives you comfort?
    Ice cream? (yes Hagen Daz pls but that is Mango Sherbet from…oh dear its Swiss!!)