Stop Baking!!!
Those are the words that came out from Swiss Cheese mouth while we were having lunch on baked macaroni.
When I arrived from Germany last Tuesday, I went to an auto mode of cleaning, laundry and shopping.
Thursday I slaved in the kitchen. I baked the pear upside down cake, leche flan and did some sticky rice pudding.
As you see my sister Tara and Nikos arrived from UK.
My sister follows my food blog and asked if they can have all that food you have cooked and baked?

Oh dear I went over the top I think.

So after our baked macaroni lunch with cos lettuce salad, full of spring onions, I needed something to clear my palatte.
Oh just excuse to eat something sweet really. I still have leche flan which am giving away to a friend.
I wanted something light.

Last Thursday, the lady from the Filipino store rang me up that the cargo bearing fresh vegetables and fruits from the Philippines had arrived.Off I went and the mangoes are larger than the usual ones I buy.
I realized its summer in the Philippines, mango season.
What joy!
But of course you can say its a treat. For 5 pieces I paid 14€. (8€ a kilo)

So I made a fool using FAGE TOTAL full fat yoghurt.
Cut the mango into small pieces.
Add a bit of brown sugar, I normally use organic honey but I have ran out.
Voila serve it in tall clear glasses.

Back to the lunch…
I brought so many goodies from Germany that includes smoked bacon from Tirol area and Appenzeller cheese. The taste of smoked meat and the strong appenzeller cheese is ideal for baked macaroni.