certain posts have been lying dormant on my drafts that are worth posting.
this restaurant we visited last june 2005 but hey I passed the place last summer and its still packed!
so enjoy

Inside dining and its view.

We just left Antibes after a morning of going rounds seeing agencies. We have not decided yet where to stay for the rest of the week but I suggested to Markus we shall go for a drive along the coast of Cap D’ Antibes towards Juan les Pins. I have to see old friends, ex staff of my ex boss who remained the caretaker of one of most beautiful villa near Eden Roc.

Salad Nicoise to start with, drizzled with a good virgin olive oil.

With temperature soaring almost 35C we just stopped and got out of the car and walked along the beach. As usual we had no intention to eat lunch as we have a dinner appointment that day.

We were reading the menus of the restaurants that lined the beach and Plage Keller yellow umbrellas were so jolly and bright that we could not resist to sit down for drinks.

Just drink we agreed but the aroma of the food just opened our hungry stomachs. We shared a Nicoise

And I ordered CoteD agneau for my main course.

Markus has the best choice, squids cooked with aubergines and pesto.I wanted so much to ask for the recipe but Markus said its easy to work it out.

We shared our food anyway so we both can taste different things.

Chilled Rose of Bandol (an area not far from St Tropez)
Bandol La Bastide Blanch

As for the wine, it has got to be a rose. Rose for me synonames with Cote D’ Azur, Markus chose a Bandol.

While waiting for the food, we had a good laugh, two lovely old ladies (nothing is old in south of France) took off their blouses and went topless. Markus could not stop laughing as they were right in front of him. And how much he wished they were young ladies with perky tits not those 60 years old with crinkly saggy ones! Ah but we are in South of France..lets just enjoy the “view”!

And ended up our wonderful meal with chilled limoncello!

Plage Keller as you approach the beach restaurant, where you can rent reclining chairs and umbrella, get served and enjoy the day.

Plage Keller is located at La Garoupe- Cap D’ Antibes, the cape before you approach the famous Eden Roc
La Garoupe- Cap D’ Antibes
Cote D’ Azur
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