GAN GIN GAN YUU – “ As you eat, so you are” the Thai words similar to Savarin’s “You are what you eat”

Whenever we come to London, finding a place to eat is one of our greatest pleasure in this multi racial city. My husband has some business to do and I had shopping in mind. But in the midst of this “things to do”, one was to meet up my sister for lunch. There are many places to eat near her work but she said to meet up at BUSABA EATHAI.

The gong that welcomes you to Busaba Ethai.
BUSABA is a Thai flower , EATHAI is a fusion of words eat and Thai. There are no small tables at Busaba instead huge dark timber square tables in which you share with the others. As for us we found a 3 seat table facing the window. It has a serene atmosphere and on the loft is a shelf lined up with Buddhas and candles. The place true to the Buddhist traditional value, SANUK, Busaba Ethai‘s living ethos. Sanuk literally means to enjoy and to have a pleasure, and that’s what we aimed for that lunch, for it might be a while before we see my sister again.

Isn’t that a pleasure when food is shared with people you love? My sister had her favourite Pad Thai, (we have been to different Thai restaurants before and this rated the best so far!)
Pad Thai is stir fried noodle, dried shrimps, tofu and peanuts, garnished with bean sprouts and lime.
My husband had chosen Char grilled duck in tamarind sauce, delicate, pinkish meat (which my sister told us her friend Annabel once said to her, “Tara how can you eat something that lives happily on a pond?” )

Chicken wrapped with Pandan Leaves

I went for Pandan chicken marinated with coriander root and garlic, deep fried with pandan leaves. The chicken was so tender and the flavour of the coriander was just intoxicating. Last time I had something with PANDAN leaves was when we had a memorable meal at RAFFLES HOTEL SINGAPORE

And something we couldn’t help on the side: Po-pea jay, vegetarian spring rolls, dainty finger licking portions and Thai Calamari with ginger and peppercorn.

I was in the loo when the food came and I asked my husband, “didn’t you order some rice?” His reply came with his eyes rolling… rice were served on beautiful blue pot like container, that I thought was a décor!

Busaba Ethai is located at Store St, near Tottenham Court Road, Goodge is the nearest

PS: After this we went on with our businesses that include going South Kensington. I waited for my husband at Café Milan at Old Brompton road to have my afternoon tea, and he joined me later for his caffe maccchiato.

Opposite this caffe is a place called ORGANIC PIZZA, that will be in our next visit!