The day we arrived in Lipari, one of the seven of the Aeolian islands in north west Sicily, the chef went shopping with out me. Oh sob, but I asked him he better come back with a pastry with some nutty fillings with a scent of cinnamon.
You could hear the chef’s sigh, “pastry again…”

He did come back with a pastry filled with some chocolates but there was I was trying to explain to him again how it did look like.

I really have no idea how it is called. In July 2006 when we did our first trip with this boat months after she was launched we were in Lipari.
It was a trip non of us will ever forget because Italy won the World Cup against France that day.
And because we had a nanny on that trip I had more free time to go out with the chef.

My memory of it was the scent of the cinnamon and the intricate design of the pastry.
I was in town with the chef to help him with the shopping, rather to escape work, when we passed the bakery that literally engulfed with aroma of cinnamon.
That I went in and asked the lady which one is that the smells so great.
My memory of it was the shape and the taste that feels so Christmassy.

So the chef went out the next day again this time round he found the pastry, the wrapper says<
NOCATOLE ….prodotti tipici eoliani
Searching more information this is what I found out.
The “Nacatole” are traditional sweets of ancient origin, of various forms, which are prepared in families and local bakeries during the Christmas period. They are also sold throughout the year. This typically is consumed fresh and combines beautifully with the classic dessert wines such as Malvasia.
The little cellophane bag he brought cost €7.50 , well am not too surprised since it must be artisanal and from the flavour I know it has not been made months ago but rather very fresh.

I did search further information about how this pastry made and on the Lipari Biz site there is this interview.
how the pasty is done, there is no need for translation the video speaks for itself.

It is made of :
farina 00 (flour), strutto (lard) ,uova (eggs),zucchero (sugar),canella (cinnamon),mandorle (almonds), mandarini (mandarin),vanilla and vino bianco (white wine).

Few days later we were in Panarea the chef surprised me with another bag, this time though the the pastry have more fanciful design like flowers etc and there were round , oval shapes but before I could take photos of them, the crew already ate them all.

Other than terrific pastry the island full of capers and the fishmonger sells fresh tuna and swordfish.
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