Long way back January when I was working in Italy, I had a constant excess of egg whites from the weekly test and trials of different kinds of cheesecakes. Oh yes cheesecakes non baked and baked ones. My Ukrainian stewardess whose sweet tooth equals mine, is simply addicted to cheesecakes. One of my favourite recipe (the crew favourite treat as well) is Orange and Lemon Cheesecake from Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries. The creamy filling will send you to dessert heaven!!!!

So when I was sent to London on a business trip to deal with some carpet samples, new lampshades for the boat and meet my boss, I made sure I found time to go to Borders (I always go to Tottemham Court Road) to grab some cookbooks. One was Cheesecakes cookbook collection, a present I gave to Mila. She has not really been baking before so I had to explain so many things to her like bain marie. Well I thought I was suppose to spend time training her boat work and food service but on our free time I would take her to the galley and explain baking essentials and equipments.

She got hooked!!!


On this photo here is Mila’s Banana cheesecake. I was occupied with many things that day that I told her just give a hoot if there is something she could not understand from the recipe. I told her just add more grand marnier than what the recipe calls! Wicked!!
Half way thru she called me and said Shalimar I cant find anything here on the recipe what temperature the oven should be.

Wait a minute… didnt I just help you with the gelatin? I just realized that moment it was not baked one, then she started freeting how the mixture will settle. So more lessons on cooling etc.
Oh I dont have the recipe to share she has the book I had the memories… and lots of egg whites.


That boat is fully equipped for baking. I decided to use the egg whites for coconut macaroons. When I worked on it I really follow a recipe, I just whipped the egg whites, added the coconut while continously checking the consistency of the egg white and the coconut and slowly adding sugar. I piped them into small florettes.
And I shut the galley I wanted to bake alone and listen to music.

Here is the recipe and make sure they are cool before storing them in airtight containers

and if you have lots of egg whites try this exciting recipe of coffee meringues