This post is long overdue. I have this post sitting on my draft for a while now. I realized then(oh this was written long way back December) that its almost two years with few dry spell on past two summers when I was busy with work that this food escapades been over two years old.

I remember very well what happened that week in UK. My cousin sent me a recipe pan de sal and knowing my fear on yeast, I had asked the Swiss Cheese to help me. And basically to understand the recipe.
He taught me how to knead it and cut the dough into equal portions.

Days later, I surfed the internet when I came across Pinoy Cook. Sassy or Connie to somewho suggested I should blog about it. Connie was the one who gave me the idea of blogging….


Behind this food blog, is the person who has really inspired the wanderlust in me and the one who nortured my obsession with food is the Swiss Cheese


Many of you who had been following this culinary trips have read about the Swiss Cheese. Now its time to go public about the Swiss Cheese, since it won’t be long his own business web site will be up running.

He actually had his web site years ago, like mine it was all food and travels, much more like memories of all the trips we have done.
Other than that he posted some recipes he has created that he wanted to share with fellow foodies.
That was even before blogs were around.
Due on our constant travel and re location he did not have the time to update it and due to some technical
errors he did not have time to tweak it around like I do now.

Most of the IMBB posts here would not be created with out him. When I said its France…he said do something with ingredients you can find here in Athens. I never did papilotes in my life.I asked him to show me how to do
Papilottes de loup de mer au fenouil et aux courgettes- IMBB23 .

The theme dairy came up, he dug on his cookbooks and gave me the idea of
creme de yaourt aux fraises SHF 17 . Other than the ideas he helped set the dessert for me .

When I first got my tube pans from the states, I asked him how canI whip these eggs whites with out creme of tartar to make..Orange Glow Chiffon Cake he showed ne how to whip the eggs whites.

Risotto with Calamari and Risotto with Asparagus were cooked lovingly through his guidance.
I have now learned how to cook risotto well through practise.

Markus teaching my sister how to prepare foccacia.

There are more recipes and countless of cooking experimentations, I did where he helped me create. I could fill this page of countless links.

Swiss Cheese is Markus Walser, my partner in crime, the one who “provoked” my obsession on food.
Markus is classically trained chef from Switzerland who has lived in UK and Greece, if he was not travelling with the yacht. He studied baking (bread) and specialized on seafood.
While in UK he had a French restaurant called Sunset Cottage in Guernsey but had to close due to the fact he was not an EU citizen. (laws have changed now by the way)
He came to Athens to work for a private home before heading to yacht industry where he had catered famous people from Hollywood, mega rich, royalties and some people who could afford the charter yachts and demand fine food.

his opera cake

After many donkey years (his expressions) of moving about he finally started his catering business here in Athens called Chez Fritz Private Catering. I really hope he succeeds since he is really just god damn so creative!

I just want to say thank you Markus for all the ideas you have inspired me on this blog! and sharing the passion for the love of travel and food.