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A Pancake Feast

Ghene Snowdon…. “oh dear me. Sha, take a photo before passing it to your crewmates. That way you have something to blog about” This post is long overdue, today is already Palm Sunday and next week is Easter.. this pancake story started at the beginning of the Lent when Stephen, our British mate, came to…

warm broad bean salad

My dearest friend Bea will never forget the evening when she scanned the gardening magazine looking for a new job. In the ad was gardener who has a love for food and will assist the owner of the estate. She looked at me and I said well gardening and cooking… why not indeed? Its been…

English Breakfast

For two Sundays in a row we have been having a calorific laden breakfast. Please calorie police stay away from my page because after days and days of eating 2% fat yogurt, organic muesli, fruits I just needed a break from health conscious breakfast. Besides a parcel arrived from UK bearing some goods that I…