relaxing at fore deck while we were crossing the Straits of Messina, Sicily.
Oh its meme time…and my friend Thess made it clear I must do this, or else she won’t send me chocolates and wont let me kiss her baby Charlie the pug.
that was over a week ago when we were in Italy and was cruising back to Antibes, France. But work has caught up with me.

The face behind this blog?

Shalimar is my birth name but when I went to a Catholic school for my kindergarten I found out I have another name. Shalimar Leonora, after my paternal grandmother.
As you see the Catholic priest refused to baptize a very catholic girl like me for having a foreign Moslem name.

I grew up in a small town of Naga, Cebu, Philippines. Where I spent my childhood, making tree houses, riding bikes and having scratches , wounds for trying stunts , climbing roofs and throwing rotten fruits to passing people and standing on stools learning how to cook at an early age.

By then at early age I have already been travelling around Philippines, visiting relatives and families in Samar , Leyte, Manila and Surigao. I think on my own little world I was well travelled by then.

The difficult period of Philippine politics sent us packing as political refugees to Greece. I was 14 when we settled to Athens, the city I call now home, if am not on my cabin and calls the port “home”

The face behind this blog?….

Perhaps the best line to describe my curiosity on food came from our chef who once said:

Venice, Grand Canal by Rialto… having a go with gelato…melone flavour!!

Why is it Shalimar that every time we are on a different port you must go out and have ice cream?
Well I told him I need to try every flavour of Italian gelato and surely each country have different kind of ice cream right?

This blog has been born out of my passion for food and travel. I do have memorable moments of my travels I want to share with you.

I once joined a trekking trip, up in the remote mountains of Central Greece in Agrafa. I went ahead of the group once and after reaching the village square I went to a cafe to get some drinks. When I say cafe up in the villages, they are mostly for men who hang around to drink, play backgammon and cards. You dont see women, but I went in ordered a drink in Greek had a quick look what card game the men were playing.
The cafe went quite, first they had a shock an Asian walking inside a cafe let alone speaking Greek.
Then I broke the cardinal rule of Greek chauvinistic society by checking what game they were playing.
Well the men were arguing whether I must go or not. One said let her say she is my gouri, a lucky charm. Once they have finished playing they asked me I understood the game, I said yes I know how to play it. That somehow broke the ice……and questions flowed in where I come from and where I learned to speak Greek.

See, some people I know said I have this aura that connects me to people from all walks of life.
Well lets see what my close friends say on this part…

As for food, my ex would tell everyone that Shalimar memory on every trip she does is all about food!!!! Perhaps that sums up about me then.
Other than food and photography, I love books… cookbooks to whet my appetite, travel books for my next adventures.

And by the way, its summer and peaches are abound. I love them except I must skin the peaches I could not stand the skin, it makes me think of caterpillar’s hairs.

Now the face….

a very stressed stewardess doing her morning shopping in venice at Mercato Rialto, taking a short caffeine fix!

with the crew I work and live with at St Marks, Venice… ok am very short!!

enjoying beer… crotone, italy.

on my birthday…..with T

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