I have learnt many about cooking. A friend of my mum named Shalimar has taught me cooking, baking etc. The first time that I try to bake was chocolate fudge, it wasn’t really difficult for me to bake because it was very easy and it has little ingredients on it. But it was really fantastic, baking something because you can learn many things. After baking the chocolate fudge, Shalimar took some pictures.

After one week I think we went with my mum at Shalimar’s place and I asked her lets bake chocolate muffins with vanilla so she told me yes. We went in the kitchen and start to rock and roll I mean to start to bake chocolate muffins. We put the muffins on the oven and let it to bake for few mins, I think I don’t remember. After one hour of preparation, it was already done, she told to wait for a while because she will take some pictures to put in her blog and I said yes. After that we start to yum yum, it was delicious I love it. My mum tried too but she didn’t like it so much because she doesn’t like so much chocolate.

Next one was menudo I didn’t know what it was so we start to cook. First of all we peel the carrots and potatoes and cut it in square. Secondly we use pork and liver, cut it in square it have to be all square to be good.

The brother in law of Shalimar named Nikos was laughing at me because I didn’t know how to cook menudo ha ha ha. We cut too the pork in square. While I was cutting the carrots, potatoes and pork, Shalimar took some pictures.

Then, we start to cook. First we put in the casserole oil, cook the onions and garlic.
After we put the pork then liver, carrots and the potatoes and let the pork cook. Then we put tomato sauce and peas. And it was done.

I went home and my mum asked if I brought her some and I told her no and she start be sad.
I like so much chocolate and I want to learn more about cooking and I think when I grow up I want to be a baker…. just joking.

Angelica was born here in Athens 13 years ago. Her main language is Greek, could comprehend Tagalog though she will reply in Greek. She is now studying English at the British Council and this story of hers I left it un edited…. now she is not so happy I will be away for few months for she has been bitten by a cooking bug