What is your adobo story?

If you were to ask my London born nephew what his favourite Filipino food is, with out missing a beat, “Chicken Adobo” is his answer. Wasn’t it just last week that I cooked squid adobo? And this week a mix of chicken and pork adobo. Adobo is the national cuisine of the country. This has […]

Lasang Pinoy Sundays # 25… Saucy

When Ces of Spices started hosting this weekly Filipino food photography, she always have encouraged me to join. After all I have been active with the Lasang Pinoy “Filipino Taste” events before but fickle minded as I am, I never posted anything but I always check what’s going on by the time I find something […]

saging pinaypay, a childhood favourite

“Your eating habit is not Filipino anymore!!”… Thats what my Filipina (rather Cebuana) crew mate had said after over a month of working and living together. Marica and I met in Antibes, France last year. I was walking near the port, when she tapped my shoulder and asked if I was from the Philippines. I […]

Dinuguan: Pork Blood Stew LP#9

Pabumum our host for the Lasang Pinoy 9th edition had chosen the theme Lamang-loob: Odd Cuts and Guts. In Tagalog, laman [la’man] translates to “contents,” and loob [lo’ob] means inside–I want to feature the contents inside of an animal, or what is commonly referred to as offal. Using the “waste” parts of a butchered animal […]

Lasang Pinoy 8 Kusinang Bulilit part 2

I have learnt many about cooking. A friend of my mum named Shalimar has taught me cooking, baking etc. The first time that I try to bake was chocolate fudge, it wasn’t really difficult for me to bake because it was very easy and it has little ingredients on it. But it was really fantastic, […]

Menudo ~ Lasang Pinoy # 8

When I was young, cooking was an obligation. There were times when I just hated it. I was told off a few many times for either over cooking or undercooking the rice. Those were the times when rice cooker were unheard of. We had 2 kitchens; one inside with gas, very practical when heaven opened […]

Pork Hocks & No to Plagiarism

Many times I have been asked why I do not have my travel photos on some online gallery for public viewing. Why? Its not because they are not good, the problem is they are far too good that I worry about PLAGIARISM. Yes plagiarism a common disease in this cyber world, people using your materials […]