Last month I had a call from a French Captain for a job offer cooking aboard a 28m yacht, newly built and the home port will be South of France.

After a week of contemplating about the offer and I turned it down. Of course I can cook and the owners just want home cooking. But the position is cook/stewardess.
It is not easy to cook for 9 people twice a day and the same time doing the food service.
It would have been a challenge but since it will be a floating kitchen I also know it is not so easy.

I would love to work in the galley along side trained chefs, in bigger yachts these days there is always a crew cook. A year ago I also had a call if am willing to take the position of a crew cook.
How many crew? 21 crew… of different nationalities. 21 mouth twice a day think I would not cope.
So I ended up in a smaller yacht last year. When the cook got the chop, I did the cooking for the crew.

Few guys I know at the port once made a joke : “Sha you are pretty but you smell garlic all the time.”Ah life of a cook.

This time I only applied for a stewardess. So am leaving tomorrow for France and I have no idea yet where I am going to be for the rest of the summer.
I will not have my own kitchen but I do have posts lined up.
But then I am not sure about the internet connection.
In Cannes last year it was 3€ an hour in a public internet.

But then we were cruising all the time. Perhaps I will just update my other journal and my photo gallery.

So long, farewell………..

But before I go lets play a caption game. I took this photo in a cooking competition last February.
Let those words go rolling.

The first photo was taken aboard one of my work, when a professional photographer took series of photos for the yacht’s brochure.
The second one was taken last year at Cala di Volpi, Costa Esmeralda (Sardignia).