since mae asked where am going to be before july….

the family will be here next week, the children will be on term break. Basically it will be just day trips along the coast or weekenends either Portofino or St Tropez.

August will take us to Sardignia for 2 weeks then the rest of the summer just short trips here and there.

Will get back to all of you

I spent a huge amount of dosh for 2 weeks supplies over 500€ at the supermarket.
I will work few hours tomorrow to get fresh vegetables at the market.

Its Cannes Film Fest, am might go later for some retail therapy ah no got to take my camera for check up
then its Grand Prix in Monaco.

We will be anchored at Cap Ferrat for the Grand Prix….

C the chef will arrive in few days so then I wont be too exhausted.