I am not a food nor a travel writer, the postings here on this page are based from my travels and for the love of food. Creating a good food is a journey itself. My taste of food has varied over the past years and every now and then I do try create Filipino dishes. In fact I have just learned how to do Pan de Sal.My husband loves it when I cook adobo my version of course with lots of spring onions and ginger, sometimes with carrots and potatoes to pleased my husband’s and Bro in Law’s palate.Next to my family wish list is arroz caldo, nilaga or bulalo, pancit bihon & sotanghon, lumpia of course and menudo, now christened as Tara’s sauce, after my sister because my bro in law just love this food so much.

When I am away from Greece I do miss greek food a lot, especially the seafood and the fruits. When I was in the US, I miss European markets & food. Other than eating & cooking, I love setting up tables. The photo was taken at Wilbury Park, Wilts, UK where I did a freelance work. I picked some herbs and baby strawberries from the green house to decorate the serviettes individually.
On travels, we do scour local markets, eat at street food stalls, find eateries where locals go. One of the best trip we had was in California, my sister and I with our husbands, a family wedding to attendwhere both of them donned Barong Tagalog,both men wanted food and wine adventures up in the Napa Valley. We also had the SAVEUR magazine with us and checked the restaurants they recommend. We certainly had a blast!
photos by schatzli