Last weekend my sister, Tara and her husband Nick, were busy fixing things around their garden They were fixing their shed and painting few bits and bobs when I asked to my brother in law, MERIENDA?
Merienda in Filipino means snack the closest equivalent of afternoon tea to the Brits. I know he loves pancakes!I even taught him how to do it. I have learned how to do pancakes when I was quite young, my mother used to put a stool where I would be able to reach the stove and told me the secret of a good pancake is the batter.

To be honest I do not measure when I cook only when I bake. I whisked the egg, add a bit of sugar, vanilla, flour then I add milk gently to be able to control the consistency of the batter.
We all have different ways of having our pancakes but I just make it plain so everyone can add whatever they wanted.

I settled for butter and the cranberry jam which I brought from Norway. A second portion with organic maple syrup and a drizzle of sugar.
My sister announced when it comes to pancakes she goes for savoury. Slices of good old cheedar was her choice. No photos, she said “let me enjoy this!”

pancake with vanilla ice cream and organic maple syrup

Nick settled for vanilla ice cream with maple syrup in which I have lost count how many portions he had. But he deserves it he did a lot of work outside.
My husband was in St Tropez, France that day .If he were with us he will most likely go for strawberry jam and butter or for blueberries pancake.

And what about you, how you like your pancake?