Cours Saleya

I have visited Nice in the past, not as a tourist but someone who was based in the area. But this time we went to met Amy and Michel a fellow blogger who is resides in Nice.

Nice is the capital of the Riviera, a pick pocket’s paradise, a traffic night mare and yet Nice managed to be delightful.

Columns of La Chappele de la Misericorde

We went for a walk at Vieux Nice- the old town with its narrow streets, best explored on foot. Look for Cathedrale de St Reparte at place Rossetti is a baroque cathedral right in the central square., check the small shops, tiny cafes. We headed for Cours Saleya, the site of the city’s main market. At Cours Saleya feast yourself to another baroque splendour of La Chappele de la Misericorde

We sat down for dinner and what would it be?

Moules marinieres ! I love mussels and nothing beats a good succulent orange mussels steamed open in a combination of white wine, shallots and parsley, sometimes enriched with crème or crème fraiche to become moules ala crème.

Opera House

After we walked around and I took this photo of the opera house and the Palais de Justice. But the best time to visit Vieux Nice is at day time during the market hours. From 6am to 1pm there are gorgeous displays of fruit, vegetable, cheeses, sausages, herbs, roses, bric a brac and second hand clothes.

It’s really a wonderful experience just keep an eye of your wallet.